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Comfort in a Casserole Dish: Creamy Chicken and Biscuits

  I'm sitting here after a late-night walk with a friend.   Depending on the direction we took through our neighborhood streets, we were either talking in peaceful near-silence or we were speaking against wind and a slight mist falling on our faces.   Now, comes the wait for the full … [Read More...]


Cookie Heart Stacks: A Recipe for Delicious Sugar Cookies

Opening disclaimer: I photographed the pretty cookies, not the batch of undecorated cookies with brown splotches from spewing Dr. Pepper that fell over half the cooling batch when I opened a new bottle:) Like many people, decorated sugar cookies are a part of my Christmas memories.   However, … [Read More...]


Red Beans and Rice

It's cold outside and our Mardi Gras decorations are up, so my latest post at The Southern C is all about one of my favorite recipes at any time of the year, but especially during Carnival season: red beans and rice.   It's convenient, economical and delicious. Check out the full recipe at The … [Read More...]


A Kid-Pleasing Dish for Weeknights: Hamburger Delight

    “I guess we can just pick up something for supper.”   That’s an easy phrase to utter when schedules get hectic or something like illness disrupts our routines.   When I was not feeling well last year, this became an easy habit for us.   I am a little amazed, and very … [Read More...]


Nifty Gifty: Christmas Goodies to Share

  This year, a summer clearance find at World Market--a wire bottle holder-- came in handy as I thought of a way to give a Christmas-style Welcome to the Neighborhood gift to our new neighbor.   The holder reminded me of vintage milk bottle holders.   I packaged 2 half-dozen stacks of … [Read More...]