Can the Long Lists

As a general rule, a long list of ingreidents is not a good thing to find on the label of the food item you are considering for purchase.   This is especially true when you have trouble pronouncing or later, spelling, those ingreidents.   Homemade whipped cream is simple to make and you will know exactly what is in your finished product!

For those with dairy allergies, here’s a link to a recipe for whipped coconut milk from The Nutty Kitchen:

Homemade Whipped Cream

1 cup Heavy whipping cream (sold in cartons with milk; make sure it says Heavy)

1 Tbsp. granulated sugar

That’s it!   How’s that for an ingredients list!   Now, I usually add a drop of vanilla, but that’s a matter of preference, not neccessity.

It helps if you place your bowl and whisk in the fridge before mixing.   Use a metal or glass bowl.   I use my probably-most-favorite-kitchen-tool-in-the-world, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for this.   If you’re using a hand mixer, it will probably take a little longer.

Combine cream and sugar in the mixing bowl and beat at high speed until the cream will form stiff peaks.   That means if you stop mixing and dip your beater into the cream, you can pull up a bit of the whipped cream and where that bit came up, there will be a stiff standing peak of cream sticking up.

It is most important that you watch this constantly and do NOT over beat the cream.   If it goes past the point of stiff peaks, it will fall apart and you cannot save, although you can spread it on toast because it will turn into butter!   Better to stop occassionally and check for the peak stage.


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